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Crossplate Guy / Tension Anchors


Crossplate Guy / Tension Anchors





  • Cross plate anchors are made for installation in holes augered by power drillers.  Cross plate anchors are formed of two structural steel plates that are ribbed for reinforcement.  A retainer on the bottom holds the nut from the forged eye rod.  The anchors are coated with a rust inhibitor.
  • The hot dip galvanized rods feature an integral forged eye in various diameters, lengths and number of guys that can be attached.


  • A hole is augered of sufficient size to fit the cross plate anchor.
  • The bottom of the hole is counter cut with a flat bearing area the size of the cross plate anchor to a depth based on the rod length and perpendicular to the guy angle.
  • A slot for the rod is cut.  Car should be exercised to minimize the slot width.
  • The rod is secured to the anchor and lowered into the hole.  Typically the anchor is installed so the eye is approximately 18" above grade.
  • The hole is filled and tamped.




Catalog Number Hole Size (Inches) Area (sq. Inches) Rod Size (Inches) (Order Separately) Weight Ea (lbs)
J3516 16 150 5/8 or 3/4 10
J3520-1 20 250 1 16
J3524-1 24 400 1-1/4 33

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