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General Information




General Information:

MacLeanCivil offers a broad range of steel helical foundation piles used to support solar installations.

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Features and Benefits of MacLeanCivil Helical Foundation Systems:

  • Used for tension, compression and overturning loads
  • Installed with no vibration
  • Installs in one visit to the job site -- no waiting, curing or assembly of materials
  • Minimal soil disturbance - No spoils
  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Accurate positioning -- matches system tolerances
  • Helical piles / anchors may be removed
  • Environmentally friendly - a "Green" foundation.
  • Available standard hot dip galvanized ASTM A-153 or black (not coated)

ICC AC358 Acceptance Criteria For Helical Foundation Systems and Devices Tests:

  • Full scale Compression Load Test in sand and clay
  • Full scale Tension Load Test in sand and clay
  • Full scale Lateral Load Test
  • Shaft Torsion
  • Helix Torsion
  • Coupling Rigidity
  • Helix Capacity
  • Bracket Capacity

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