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Foundation Piles for Commercial - New Construction

MacLeanCivil offers a broad range of steel foundation piles used to support commercial structures.  Commercial structures to 9-stories are supported entirely with our helical piles.  We offer many time proven solutions with experience in anchoring since the 1920's.  It is important that the product and installation meets stringent requirements to insure the quality and workmanship of the manufactured product and that installation is performed by qualified and certified technicians to insure the foundation will perform as expected.

MacLeanCivil has qualified relevant products to meet the IBC (International Building Codes) ICC AC358 Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices.  This should be  important criteria when selecting the supplier to protect your investment for years to come.

Steel helical foundation piles are used when competent soil is not present and a standard foundation construction will not meet the load requirements.  A cost effective solution is to install steel helical piles before the construction of the structure.  These are installed underneath the slab and or underneath the load bearing walls.

A typical helical pile for a new construction application consists of a 1) lead, 2) one or more extensions and 3) a new construction bracket.

The lead is either a solid round corner square shaft or pipe with one or more helices or circular plates welded to the shaft.  The helices provide the bearing area to support the structure.  The shaft type and size and length are determined by the soil, installation depth and structure load requirement.  The lead is installed with a variety of hydraulic torque motor equipment.  The lead (similar to installing a wood screw into wood) is rotated vertically into the soil to a suitable depth until competent soil is reached to develop the required load bearing capacity.

The location, number and type of helical foundation piles are selected by the engineer or certified MacLeanCivil Distributor or installer.  Torque monitoring by a certified MacLeanCivil installer assures each helical pile is installed to the required specification.

Extensions are used to advance the lead to whatever depth is required.  The total installed depth may range from near the structure foundation bottom to 50 or more feet.

A cap plate is assembled to the last installed extension and the concrete slab is poured to cover the cap brackets.  

      Features and Benefits of MacLeanCivil Helical Foundation Systems:

  • Used for tension and compression loads

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