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Deep Steel Foundation Piles and Tension Anchor Systems 

The SOLUTION source for your foundation pile and tension anchor requirements

·          The only supplier to have evaluated the complete line of 1-1/2” and 1-3/4” RCS
       and 2-7/8” and 3-1/2” helical pipe pile to ICC AC358 and awarded ESR3032 by 
·         The exclusive MDRS™ online software for a value added engineered solution 
·        For residential and commercial applications
·         Comprehensive line of steel foundation systems
·         Distributors and installers certified by MacLeanDixie 
·         Manufactured with USA mill certified steel
·         A technical team to support you on challenging applications
·         Uses materials that qualifies to LEEDS certified projects
·         Manufacturing quality anchor products since the 1920’s
·         The manufacturing plant is ISO 9001:2008
·         Ongoing quality control program per AC10 with quarterly inspections by an IAS
       accredited inspection agency per AC98

MacLean is an international manufacturer and supplier of helical piles, driven anchors and push piers with the engineering and technical support the deep foundation industry requires. Our world class manufacturing facilities along with the highest of Quality Control Systems provides our customers the highest quality steel foundation products in the industry. Contact us today to learn how we can help provide a permanent solution to your next pile or anchoring project.

Our Mission is to become the premier, worldwide supplier of value added, engineered, and customer focused solutions that leverage our material forming expertise to the civil construction industry. The keys to our success are the engagement of our dynamic and adaptive employees, along with the MacLean entrepreneurial culture. Our Goals are supported by a robust performance management process, and commitment to operational excellence. Through our “Commitment to Excellence”, we will achieve the growth and profitability that will fuel our continued success.

These basic principles are fundamental to MacLean’s success:

1.    Quality is our highest priority: Our products and services must always be the very best attainable. As our products and services are seen, so are we evaluated.

2.    Customers are the focus of everything we do: Our work must always be done with the goal of anticipating and satisfying our customer’s needs.

3.    People are our most important resource: Employee development, involvement and teamwork provide our strength and vitality. We must create a culture that stresses respect, openness, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

4.    Continuous improvement is our way of life: We must strive for ongoing improvement focusing on increased efficiency and the prevention of errors.

5.    Integrity is never compromised: Our conduct must command respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society.

6.    Safety and environmental consciousness is a prime objective: We are citizens of the earth and have a responsibility to put forward our best efforts to preserve and protect our personal and collective quality of life.














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